Rubber Crumb Playground Flooring


Using the same methods as our resin surface installations, WeDesignAnyDrive also install rubber crumb surfaces that are great perfect for playground flooring and safety flooring for play areas

Bright colours are perhaps best suited for playground flooring but not necessarily the first choice for your average home owner. We can install rubber crumb in any shade of any colour, so whether you are looking for ‘bright and vibrant’ or ‘safe and understated’, Inspired Resin have the solution.

Why is Rubber Crumb becoming so popular?
Rubber crumb surfaces are manufactured using recycled rubber which makes them an environmentally friendly product.
It is available in a wide variety of colours and patterns and can be applied to almost any area to make a seamless, smooth, and porous surface.
Rubber crumb is the ideal surface product for any area where there is a risk of falling, particularly where young children or elderly people are present.
The finished surface is highly resistant to rust, oil, corrosion, salt and cracking.

Rubber Crumb Safety Surfacing
Playground flooring is the most popular use for rubber crumb. When children are concerned, safety is of course paramount and this cushioned surface is certainly the number one option to ensure your flooring is child friendly.

Recycled Rubber Chippings
Originally developed for areas expected to experience regularly high footfall, rubber crumb has become more and more popular for domestic use. Naturally resistant to damage, rubber crumb is the perfect surface for any play area, garden or school and it is for this reason that Inspired Resin supply and install rubber surfacing in both the domestic and commercials sector.

Rubber wet pour surfacing?
Rubber crumb flooring is sometimes referred to as ‘wet pour surfacing’ – This is due to the way that it is laid. In exactly the same way we create our resin bound driveways, rubber granules are mixed on site with our resin to form a spongy yet durable product.

If a rubber playground surface is something that you are thinking of, feel free to contact us or fill in the form below to book an appointment – we would love to hear from you and hope that we can help.

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